Free MP3 Splitter

Free MP3 Splitter
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    Free MP3 Splitter
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    2019-08-22 09:17:00
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The Free MP3 Splitter is a simple software application that allows the users to trim or cut short the audio tracks with MP3 extension. This free software tool is quite easy to comprehend and use. The software interface of this tool is plain and simple. The Free MP3 Splitter has a simple layout which allows the users to locate the MP3 files easily. The users can also track the MP3 files for the process. The program also allows the users to merge and join the MP3 files into one single file. This free software program also supports batch joining and splitting which simplifies the entire process. The program also supports drag and drop method to select the files. The Free MP3 Splitter also allows the users to check the name, source path, date of modification, size, destination and tag of the output file easily. Users can initiate the trimming or splitting process once the output file is selected. This free software program hardly generates any temporary files. The program allows the users to configure the audio parameters such as the channel mode, sample frequency mode and the bits per second. It is also possible to set the default output file name with the use of this free splitter and joiner tool. The program also offers the option to choose the output destination where the users can select the folder to save the new file. Nevertheless, it is also possible to restore the settings to the default value anytime. The program also offers various other options. The users can easily merge the audio tracks, rename files and view the properties, exclude or include subfolders and add folders if necessary. The Free MP3 Splitter also allows the users to view the progress bar for speed, remaining time, destination path and the source of the file.